Top 5 Reasons to Paddleboard

*By: Christi Shingara*

Photo: Max Nguyen

I have always loved the outdoors especially hiking and fishing. However, I never really got into water sports primarily because I tried water skiing and never could stand up and would always get water up my nose. Not fun! I rather be on the boat sipping some wine and watching someone else experience seaweed up their nose. Last summer, my sister and I finally tried it, and we were nervous about how we would do even though it didn’t look that hard. Heck we didn’t even know how to hold the paddle! About 10 minutes into it and actually being able to stand up, I was in love.  I enjoyed it so much that this summer I ended up buying an inflatable one from  ROC paddleboards. They are a family owned company out of Philadelphia and their boards are made in the USA which is a huge plus in my book.  The board and the accessories are good quality, and I highly recommend them.  Which brings me to the top 5 reasons why you should get out there and paddleboard!

1. Great exercise

I have done many different kinds of exercise from running to biking and this doesn’t feel like you are really doing that much until you get off the paddleboard and your obliques, legs and arms are sore and your body just feels that much stronger. It is the workout that sneaks up on you, which I love because I never dread doing it.

2. You get to explore

With a paddleboard you get to explore all different kinds of waterways that you can only do mainly on a boat. I have been enjoying trying different lakes, creeks, and rivers and checking out areas I never had the opportunity to.

3. It isn’t a sport based on speed

Even though you could go out and race your friend on your paddleboard this is more of a connecting with nature and the beauty around you type of sport. You get to paddle calmly and really enjoy everything around you. If you get really good at balancing, you can even get some yoga moves in too.

4. Easy to setup/teardown

One thing I appreciate is how easy it is to get to the point when you are actually ready to launch and get in the water. There really isn’t any major setup. If you have a hardbody board you just put it in the water and off you go. If you have an inflatable one like I do it takes about 10 minutes to pump up and that is it. Also, the teardown is pretty quick and simple too. Just make sure you wipe down your board to keep it in good shape.

5. A great way to meet people

Paddleboarding has been around for a while, so this isn’t a new thing. Once you start telling people you paddleboard, there are more people than you think that enjoy it as well. There are even groups/clubs that go out paddleboarding together.

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