Fancy Feature of the Week: RMS Beauty Oil

*By: Lindsey Bordner*

We all have those staple items, our go-to things we can’t live without.  If I was in that popular scenario of being stranded on a desert island and could only have one beauty product, it hands down, would be RMS Beauty Oil.

I discovered this amazing face oil a few years ago when it was featured in an Anthropologie flyer.  If you are familiar with Anthropologie, they sell unique, high quality brands.  There’s lots of face oils out there on the market, but what separates this one from most is that it uses certified organic ingredients and it’s excellent for even the most sensitive skin.  It’s also lightweight, potent, and easily absorbed whereas other face oils can be heavy and pore-clogging.  The moment I put this beautiful orange elixir on my skin I can feel a difference.  

Right now, I use it only at night after cleansing when my skin is still damp.  I gently massage 3-4 drops onto my face and neck in a circular motion. I wake up and my skin is so soft and smooth.

During the winter months, I’ll add it to my morning routine and mix one drop with my daily moisturizer for extra hydration. It typically retails for $78 at Sephora and Anthropologie, which is a bit pricey (I just discovered Amazon sells it for $58!), but the good thing is, a little goes a long way and a 1 fl oz. bottle usually lasts me months. Also, the smell may take some getting used to at first. I’ve read some reviews where people weren’t into the scent, but it doesn’t bother me at all, and I’m very sensitive to strong smells.

I can really see a transformation in my skin, and most of all, I love that it’s non-toxic and full of vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. It really is beauty in a bottle.  

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