Exclusive Interview: Lindsay Nathanson, Sprinkles For Breakfast

*By: Megan Deppen*

I’m very excited to announce our first video interview with Lindsay Nathanson, who is the creator of the popular baking blog, Sprinkles for Breakfast! I first discovered Lindsay a few years ago when she was featured on Lauren Conrad’s blog. Her beautiful desserts definitely caught my eye, so I decided to make her Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Sea Salt cookies for my family and friends and the rest was history. Since then, I have been making and sharing her delicious desserts, so I was elated to finally “virtual” meet her in-person.

During the interview Lindsay talks about how she developed her love for baking and how she creates her delicious recipes. She also discusses her new venture, Sprinkles Academy, in which she offers food photography courses. 

Check out my video interview with Lindsay below, and make sure to visit her blog at Sprinkles for Breakfast.

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