Fancy Feature of the Week: Bag Balm Baby!

*By Linz Bordner*

Photo: Linz Bordner

If there was a product that has stood the test of time, it’s Bag Balm. This amazing skin moisturizer has been around since 1899, initially to help dairy farmer’s skin from becoming chapped from the harsh Vermont climate.

Let’s face it, most of us ladies (and possibly gents) haven’t been getting our routine manis and pedis during the pandemic and our hands and feet may be feeling the effects.

Thank goodness for Bag Balm. During the cold winter months, my skin, especially my hands and heels get dry and cracked. I just put a little dollop of this magic balm on the areas where I need it most and it does the job! I also found it to be a great lip moisturizer. Some even describe it as “amped up” Vasoline.

The versality of Balm Bag is really what makes it so unique. It can be used not only for dry skin, but also for callouses, cuts and scrapes, chaffing, tattoo care, and there is even a pet care line for puppies with dry, cracked paws.

Simple, versatile, and effective. That’s Bag Balm baby!

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