It’s a Love Game! 💕

*By: Linz Bordner*

Ahhh Valentine’s Day…It seems to be one of those love or hate kind of holidays and, of course, true American commercialism at its finest.

Based on your romantic status, it’s a day you either immensely enjoy or would like to forget about altogether. If you have a significant other, you probably look forward to making a whole night of it: long stem roses, luxurious chocolates, a lavish dinner followed by a romantic flick, ear ringing love ballads, sexy lingerie, yada, yada, yada. If you are single, then it’s probably just another day for you. Or worst-case scenario, you have a significant other, and you can’t stand the mere sight of him/her. Whatever your situation may be, we thought we’d bring the “cheese” factor and play a little love game.

It took some persuading to get the guys involved, but they were good sports, and ultimately, we weren’t going to take “NO” for an answer.

Each couple answered 12 burning questions to see how much (or little) they really know about each other. Here are the results…

AEFavorite clothing brand?Lauren Conrad
Moving his things and not telling
him where I put them
Pet peeve?Leaving dirty dishes in the sink
Wrong! Stuff on the kitchen table
Wrong! Amalfi Coast
Dream getaway?Amalfi Coast
EntourageFavorite TV show you’d binge watch again?The OC
Not seasoning the cast iron pan
Wrong! Only makes
veggies and no meat.
Culinary pet peeve?Doesn’t like to touch raw meat
Wrong! Kygo
Favorite band/musician?Coldplay and Taylor Swift
None?Anger warning sign?Won’t speak
Cooking a meal together at homeIdeal Valentine’s Day date?Dinner at home
Lobster tailFavorite meal?Eggs in a basket for lunch
Wrong! Tacos
I really don’t know!
Wrong! BJ’s (PA)
Favorite restaurant (local or destination)?Any Giada restaurant
Wrong! The Inn at Turkey Hill (PA)
Top Gun
Wrong! Star Wars
Favorite movie?Not sure?
Corona seltzer’sGo-to drink order?Malbec

Megan & Bill

Linz & Ryan

Banana RepublicFavorite clothing brand?Anthropologie
Crunching food loudly in his
Pet peeve?Dirty shoes in the house
WRONG! Emptying the sweeper canister
WRONG! Italy
Dream getaway?The Caribbean or out west
WRONG! Anywhere at this point!
Breaking Bad and SeinfeldFavorite TV show you’d binge watch again?The Sopranos
WRONG! Hard-boiled eggs
Culinary pet peeve?Cilantro
Alice in Chains
Favorite band/musician?Radiohead
Not speakingAnger warning sign?Starts cleaning everything
WRONG! Quiet Pacing
Dinner and movie (kid-free)Ideal Valentine’s Day date?Quiet dinner and movie
SteakFavorite meal?Ryan’s smoked salmon bagel
A brewery that serves good food
WRONG! Restaurant Revolution
Favorite restaurant (local or destination)?Restaurant Revolution (NOLA)
Shawshank RedemptionFavorite movie?The Departed
IPAGo-to drink order?Dry red wine

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