Fancy Feature of the Week: Kai Fragrance

*By: Linz Bordner*

I first discovered the Kai fragrance when I was at a party and a female acquaintance was wearing this wonderful and intoxicating scent. I was extremely drawn to it, so instead of weirdly following her around, I asked her what that amazing smell was that she was wearing and she said “Kai.”

Since I never liked a lot of strong and manufactured smells, I was looking for something other than the typical mainstream perfumes. Kai’s signature scent can be described as ‘a light and intoxicating blend of white gardenia wrapped in exotic florals.’ A lot of devotees say the smell reminds them of ‘being at the beach.’ You won’t find Kai fragrance at big box beauty or department stores. It is sold mainly at exclusive boutiques and spas, but one of my favorite clothing brands Anthropologie starting selling it a few years ago.

The Kai signature scent is sold in many forms from body lotion to candles to shampoo and conditioner. I recently purchased the Kai Body Glow, which is less concentrated (and less expensive) than the eau de parfum and gives your skin a nice sheen. It’s especially great to wear in the spring and summer months when more skin is likely to be seen. With such a wide popularity of their signature scent, Kai launched a Rose line of fragrance, which I have yet to try. Wearing Kai, I always feel like I’m on a tropical oasis, and I’m good with that!

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