Wakesurfing 101

*By: Megan Deppen*

Photo: Harrison Fitts

It’s officially summertime, which means water sports are in full swing. One water sport that my husband loves is wakesurfing. A few years ago he bought a wakesurfing boat and ever since then, he has been perfecting his wakesurfing skills. Last summer, I built up enough confidence to give it a try and after about 100 times (no exaggeration) trying to get up on the board, I finally did it! it was so much fun and now I can’t wait to try it again and keep building on my skills.

If you’re interested in wakesurfing, here are a few important beginner tips that you should know:

The Right Boat – Having the right boat is super important to ensure your safety and also to carry out the proper wakesurfing techniques. The go-to boat for wakesurfing is an inboard, however as the sport progresses, so do the boats. They even make it possible to surf behind jet boats. It’s very important that you do not surf behind an outboard or inboard/outboard style boat as you would be in range of running into the prop.

Board and Rope – Make sure to find a proper wakesurf board and rope, especially if you’re a beginner. Picking out the right board is extremely important, so I would recommend visiting a retail website that has a guide on purchasing the correct board per your skill level and size.

Location – You can wakesurf in the river, ocean, lake, etc. The key is to find a good spot where it’s open, the water is deep, and also conditions are calm. When the water gets choppy, it’s harder to ride the board.

Watch Beginner Wakesurfing Videos – It may be helpful to watch a few beginner wakesurfing videos, so you can get a better sense of what to do when you get out there in the water.

Getting Up on the Board- This step can be the hardest and most frustrating, but once you figure out how to get up on the board, it will become second nature. Also, remember that the boat really does most of the work when trying to get up on the board. Once you get into the water, start to float and place the board in front of you and softly rest your feet on the board. Once the boat starts to go, hold the rope and push your heels into the board and start to stand up and find your balance.

The Rope Once You’re Up on the Board – When you’re first getting up on the board, you want the rope to be taut. However, once you’re up and have mastered your balance and are riding the wave, you can release your rope and now the real surfing begins!

Riding the Board – To go faster, shift your weight toward the front of the board and to slow down, shift your weight toward the back. Once you get a feel for how the board rides, this will give you the ability to try new things with the board.

Falling – Typically, when you fall while wakesurfing, it doesn’t hurt like tubing, water skiing, and some other water sports. If do you fall, it’s a good idea to put your arm up between you and the board, so the board doesn’t hit you.

Finally, have fun and be safe!

Check out this video for beginner wakesurfing tips.

Video: evo

Are you interested in wakesurfing or have any tips? Leave us a comment below!

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