Fall Shoe Trends

*By: Christi Shingara*

With the changing season comes a changing wardrobe and shoes are a big part of any look. Here are the top fall shoe trends to keep you stylin’ and profilin’ throughout the season!


Sneakers are on trend this fall and are also a great transitional shoe. During the summer months they can be worn with summer dresses and skirts. During the fall, they can be worn with jeans and long skirts. They are versatile and comfortable and come in all different colors and styles.


Loafers are back and aren’t the typical school girl style anymore. This fall they are color blocking, embellished and animal prints. That make any outfit go from bland to grand.

High Boots

Fall is always the season for high boots. I think they never go out of style and it is one of my favorite things about fall clothing. High boots come in a variety of colors such as your typical black and camel shades. If you want to liven your outfits up, opt for a red or printed boot.


Who doesn’t love some good booties? Shades of white and cream are trending now. Stiletto heels or chunky heels also make a statement. This type of shoe is also very versatile and can be worn with any outfit.

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