Smokin’ Ribs Pit Barrel Cooker Recipe

*By: Megan Deppen

Photo: Bill Deppen

Are you craving some juicy, delicious smoked ribs? If the answer is yes, and you enjoy smoked foods, then this post is for you! This summer my husband was looking to replace our gas grill, but wasn’t exactly sure what to get since there is so much to choose from on the market. After much research, he found the Pit Barrel Cooker. This is a barrel that you can smoke all types of food in and the best part is that it’s affordable, easy to use, and doesn’t take up a ton of room.

Some recipes we already tried on the Pit Barrel were ribs, pulled pulled pork and macaroni and cheese and they were all awesome! If you’re looking to purchase a Pit Barrel, check them out here and below is a delicious smoked ribs recipe that everyone will be raving about. Enjoy!


1-8 slabs of baby back or St. Louis rib

Beef and Game Pit Rub – this rub is a specific rub by Pit Barrel Cooker, but you can use your favorite dry rub.

Barbecue Sauce – We like Sweet Baby Rays, but you can use whatever barbecue sauce you prefer.


1. Prep and light your Pit Barrel according to the directions.

2. Remove meat from packaging, rinse in water and pat dry.

3. Trim your ribs.

4. Remove the membrane. This is super easy by using a butter knife and paper towel.

5. Season both sides of your ribs generously with the dry rub of your choice. We oil the meat first so that the seasoning binds to the meat better.

6. Secure the hooks into the meat and then hang the meat on the rods of the Pit Barrel, making sure to leave space in-between the slabs and then close the lid. The PBC really has an advantage with ribs since it used the hanging method.

7. Cook the ribs for 3-4 hours (St. Louis) or 2-3 hours (baby backs). They are ready once the meat pulls back from the end of the bone. If this is your first time using the Pit Barrel, make sure to check on them every so often, until you are familiar with the process. I like to use the finger test here (wipe your finger over the dry rub, if its crusted on and doesn’t wipe off then you should be ready for the next step).

8. Remove the meat from the Pit Barrel, but leave the hooks attached and add the barbecue sauce to both sides of the meat.

9. Put the ribs back into the Pit Barrel and let them cook for 30-minutes or until the barbecue sauce is caramelized.

10. Remove them from the Pit Barrel, cut into pieces and enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Pit Barrel Cooker.

Do you have any recipes to share from your Pit Barrel Cooker? Leave us your comments below!

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