Amp-up Your Treadmill Workouts!

*By: Megan Deppen*

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As the weather gets colder, we may find ourselves exercising indoors more often and if you’re an avid walker or runner, you may be taking your steps to the treadmill. If you dread the thought of working out on the treadmill, the good news is there are ways to prevent boredom. Try some of the tips below to help you find motivation for your next treadmill workout.

Set a Plan – It’s always good to have an exercise plan so you’re consistently working toward a goal. Maybe one day you walk intervals on the treadmill and the next day you focus on running a certain amount of miles. Whatever it may be, setting a plan will help you stay on track.

Music – My workouts would be long and painful if I didn’t have music to get me through it. Adding a little pep in your step by listening to your favorite tracks will help motivate you and keep workouts upbeat. Don’t know what music to add to your playlist? Check out our some of our favorite workout music.

Fitness Apps – There are numerous fitness apps on the market and one of my favorites is Peleton. They feature workouts on the treadmill with their instructors, so having someone to workout with and coach you through a sweat session makes it much more interesting and fun than going solo.

Watch Your Favorite TV Show or Listen to Your Fav Podcast – Cue up your favorite TV show on your television, phone, or tablet while you’re on the treadmill and the time will fly by before you know it. Also, listening to your favorite podcast is another way to keep your mind off the minutes and make your workout go by even quicker.

Switch-Up Your Routine – Like any workout, it’s important to switch-up your routine because you and your body will become bored very quickly. Try incorporating your treadmill workout with another cardio machine to change things up. Perhaps one day you run for 30-minutes and the next day you walk 10-minutes, and do another workout for 20-minutes. Switching up your workouts will keep your mind and body challenged while targeting all muscle groups.

Next time you exercise on your treadmill, check out some of these workouts below:

Video: Gracias Journey

Do you have any tips on how to avoid boredom while working out on the treadmill? Leave us your comments below.

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