Staying Fit During the Holidays

*By: Megan Deppen*

Photo By: Cathy Pham

The holidays are probably one of the hardest times of the year to stay fit with all the parties and decadent food and drinks within reach. But who doesn’t like to indulge and enjoy themselves during the festive season without having to worry about the scale? Here are a few tips on how to stay fit during the holiday season.

  • Set goals and make a plan – It’s a good idea to set a fitness and food plan each day, so you can keep track of your exercise goals and calories. This way you can be mindful of how many calories you’re eating and how much you should be exercising to compensate for those calories. Even if there are days you don’t have time for a longer workout, remember shorter workouts can be just as beneficial and it’s better to do a little something than nothing at all. Also, it’s important to stay hydrated, as your body can trick you into thinking you’re hungry, when you’re actually thirsty. Drink two big glasses of water before a heavy meal and adding lemon to your water is even better and will help aid in digestion.
  • Stick to a routine – Most of us live by our schedules and routines, so once you set a fitness plan, try setting a reminder on your phone or other device as to when you workout everyday and try to keep it consistent as much as you can.
  • Move everyday – Try to move your body a little bit each day, even if it’s only for short periods of time. Try to get up and move every 30-60 minutes. It can be as simple as walking around the house or walking out to get the mail. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for our health.
  • Moderation is key – You can still enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, but everything in moderation. Instead of eating that second piece of pie, eat only one piece. This way you’re still satisfying your sweet tooth without overindulging. Also, keep in mind to eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day as this will help you to not overeat later in the day.
  • Workout with someone – If you typically workout alone, it might be a good time to find a workout partner to mix things up. This will also hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

Finally, remember to take some time for self care and try not to put too much pressure on yourself this holiday season.

Do you have any tips on how to stay fit during the holidays? Leave us a comment below.

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