11 Questions with Santa

*By: Linz Bordner*

Photo by: Linz Bordner

I recently got a chance to speak with the big guy himself. Since he was busy at his North Pole workshop, I couldn’t snag him for an in-person interview, so we opted for a phone interview instead. Just as I imagined, he was in jolly good spirits and looking forward to the big night ahead. Here are 11 questions I asked old Saint Nick…

1. If you weren’t Santa, what else would you be doing? Probably a motorcycle gang. Or posting Santa selfies on my Instagram page, although Mrs. Claus would rather I keep those cheeky photos for her eyes only.

2. Do you have a favorite Christmas song? Why yes, it would have to be “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” It may have actually happened a few times that I can recall.

3. Is there a decorating style you prefer such as bold and bright or soft and subtle? I’d have to say, “Go BIG or go home!”

4. What is your favorite drink? I sure love my Scotch and sodas. When I’m flying the sleigh and can’t be on the sauce, Mrs. Claus makes a wonderful non-alcoholic beverage called a Santa’s Hat.

5. Does Santa get gifts too? Yes, Mrs. Claus always gets me the finest beard oils.

6. What do you find is the biggest obstacle to overcome when preparing for the big day? Trying to stay incognito and not being tracked on iPhones or other devices. It’s getting harder and harder every year, but I always find a way.

7. Santa, you’ve done so much to bring joy to children all over the world. Is there something you still hope to accomplish? Well, I still haven’t been selected for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, which would be a nice honor. I think I’ve earned it! What does that Elon Musk guy have that I don’t!?

8. Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Bahamas. Actually after all my work is done, Mrs. Claus and I are headed there tomorrow!

9. What Christmas tradition would you like to see disappear? SantaCon…hands down!

10. What would you call a “bad gift?” As long as someone makes a thoughtful gesture, I don’t think any gift is a bad gift, except for maybe the David Hasselhoff Chia Pet.

11. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Die Hard…seriously.

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