Tips to Make Your Workouts Fun Again!

*By: Megan Deppen*


Are there days you dread to workout and find yourself counting down the minutes until it’s over? Or maybe you don’t mind working out, but you’re sick of the same old routine. Whatever the reason may be, now is the time to re-evaluate your fitness regimen and start making some changes to make your workouts more fun! Below are some tips you may want to consider incorporating into your routine if you feel like you’re in a fitness rut.

  • Add Variety to Your Workouts – It’s important to change up your workout routine to avoid becoming bored. Change up your workout schedule to incorporate different exercises such as running, cycling, walking, strength training, swimming, etc. Also, changing up your workouts is beneficial to your body.
  • Set Fitness Goals – Set fitness goals that are achievable and realistic. Setting goals will help to keep you on track and set small goals instead of one large goal. It’s easier to focus on shorter goals, which means you’ll be more likely to successfully complete them.
  • Find Fitness Classes In Your Area – Is there a fitness class you’re interested in trying out? See what fitness classes are being offered in your area and try out a new class. You may be surprised how motivated you feel when you’re working out in a group setting instead of by yourself. This may also be a nice time to find a workout buddy to exercise with.
  • Try A New Fitness App – There are so many different fitness apps that you can check out these days that offer a variety of different workouts. Some of them you do have to pay for, such as the Peloton App, but there are also many free apps as well. One app that is free that I enjoy is FITON. They offer many different workouts with great instructors. Furthermore, YouTube is another great free resource for checking out workout videos.
  • Make a New Music Playlist – I can’t get through a workout without a good music playlist to keep me energized and motivated. Sometimes playing the same playlist over and over can get stale, so finding a new playlist and listening to new music is always fun and really amps up my workouts!
  • Workout In A New Location – Sometimes just finding a new location to workout in helps motivate you. Even if it’s just a different room in the house, it can make a difference. Also, try getting outside if you’re able to. The fresh air and scenery will make your workout go by more quickly.

Do you have any tips for making your workouts more enjoyable? Leave us your comments below.

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