About Us

We are three sisters who love fashion, fitness, food, and music. Our roots are in small town Pennsylvania, but our inspirations are cultivated from our experiences living in New York City and Scandinavia. We believe with a good attitude and an open mind, you can live a fabulous life anywhere.

Christi lived in New York City for 12 years. She worked for NBC, including E! and Esquire networks. She is a photographer and has captured artists such as PJ Harvey, Arctic Monkeys, Longwave, and Secret Machines. She also lived in Copenhagen, Denmark where she worked with Danish photographers and assisted music acts at Scandinavia’s biggest music festival, Roskilde. She currently lives in the Catskills.

Lindsey worked in the music industry for BMG and later Sony Music Entertainment. She DJed at numerous rock clubs with sister, Christi, during the rock resurgence in the early 2000s in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. She developed an appreciation for food while working at world-renowned chef Jean-George Vongerichten’s Soho landmark, The Mercer Kitchen. She eventually moved back to Pennsylvania and completed her Master’s in Education. In 2012, she wrote an op-ed about the educational dilemmas facing college students in America and was invited to speak on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. She taught in the public school system until she had her first child. She is currently writing and raising her two young children.

Megan lived in New York City and after a brief stint in modeling moved back to Pennsylvania to pursue her degree in Public Relations and Advertising at Susquehanna University. She has worked at Bucknell University for the past nine years and travels frequently throughout the US and internationally. She has journeyed to Iceland, Copenhagen, Paris, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales to name a few.

Photo: Ryan Bordner
L to R: Lindsey Bordner, Megan Deppen and Christi Shingara