Fall and Winter Accessory Trends

*By: Christi Shingara*

Fashion is constantly evolving with the seasons and is influenced by culture and tradition as well as what’s popular. Designers are always thinking of new trends to keep fashion fun and interesting. Although, some trends can seem way of our wardrobe boundaries, others are timeless and manageable. Here are some fall and winter accessory trends you may or may not want to add to your wardrobe this season.

Opera Gloves

The long sleek gloves worn during the days of Audrey Hepburn are trending this season. If you want to add some drama to your outfit and keep warm at the same time, these playful gloves can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can keep your look monochromatic by adding a matching pair or create a statement and go bold with bright colors. Whatever look you choose, these gloves are a standout to any outfit.

Bright Scarves

During the long winter months when everything feels dull and boring, why not improve your mood by throwing on a bright scarf? This trend gives any outfit a much needed pop of color and makes us dream of the warm spring days ahead!

Bucket Hat

It isn’t the late 80’s, mid-90’s or even early-2000s, but the bucket hat is back and here to stay! This look gives off a casual vibe, but depending on the size and color it can also create a very dramatic look. More fun and playful than the typical winter hat, the bucket hat is a great essential to any wardrobe.


Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? White frames are the mod look trending this season and come in many shapes and sizes.

Cat Eye – Another retro look is the cat eye trend from the 60’s. These tend to be feminine and flattering shape and they add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any look.

Oversized – Want to make a movie star entrance? Oversized sunglasses can do just that. They work best with an oblong face and can add glamour to any outfit no matter how much sleep we didn’t get!

Whatever is trending this season, don’t feel pressured to wear a look that makes you feel uncomfortable. Just remember to have fun with fashion and aspire to start your own unique trends!

Have a favorite fall/winter accessory? Let us know in the comments below.

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