Balance and Stability Training: Why It’s So Important

*By: Christi Shingara*

Photo: GMB Fitness

I have found so many great workouts over the years for my glutes, abs, arms and legs, and of course, some full body ones too. I try to fit in some cardio as well. These types of workouts are something I have always been mindful of and have tried to keep in my daily exercise routine. However, something I have neglected to think about is my balance and stability. Sure, building strength throughout your body does help with these areas, but actually focusing on them is a totally different way to workout.

First, let’s talk about balance and stability itself. Balance is your ability to control your body’s position. Stability is the ability to maintain control of movement in the joints or position by coordinating actions of surrounding tissues and the neuromuscular system. These two things go hand and hand, and there are plenty of ways to train in order to focus on improving in these areas. The benefits of balance and stability training is that it helps with coordination, strength, posture, protects joints and helps avoid injuries.

Second, there are many different ways to focus on improving your balance and stability. See my list below:


Yoga is great in creating a strong, lean and fit physique. It also has many moves that are based around balance and stability from beginner to advanced. Maintaining a regular yoga routine will not only help in these areas but also helps manage stress, can help relieve back pain and benefit heart health. It really is a win win!

Bosu Ball

The Bosu ball is a half-ball attached to a flat surface. BOSU means “both sides used”. The first time I used a Bosu ball was in an exercise class at my local gym, and I was a bit intimidated by it. However, I realized after a few minutes into using it the benefits it had. It definitely challenges your balance when used for certain exercises, and it also engages your core to a more intense level.


In a previous article I wrote about my love for paddleboarding, I mention about what a great exercise it is, but it’s also a great way to work on your balance and stability. Paddleboarding in the ocean is a lot different than paddleboarding on a lake, however both challenge balance. Another way to work on your balance is doing yoga moves when you are out in the water. There are even Paddleboard Yoga classes you can sign up for in some areas.

Balance Board

Originally a favorite of snowboarders, surfers and skateboarders, balance boards have become more popular over the years for stability and balance training. The video below shows the top 10 balance boards and different ways they can be used.

Finally, It doesn’t matter which method you choose. What is important is incorporating a solid balance and stability workout in your routine. It won’t only benefit you in many ways, but it can also add an element of fun and prevent exercise boredom.

What methods do you use to improve on your balance/stability? Let me know in the comments below.

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